Zombie Yourself, Interesting User Friendly Site.

Zombie Yourself is a service customised by Destination Creation. Any person can turn into a Zombie or their of version horrifying creature by having their picture transformed into a studio quality zombie.

The website offers free Zombie Me, zombie yourself or zombify me do-it yourself tools which can be shared online.

Destination Creation is a web site which has been in business since May 2002 and which has been hosted in United States.

The site has some brilliant artists who have integrated technology with their talent to create some great visual treats to turn one into a Zombie.

The site is not only a source of entertainment but also provides information, and inspires one to create their own Zombie yourself techniques. Zombie me use video and imagery and alter the original features and turn them into walking dead.

The Zombie Me of Destination Creation has collaborated with Indywood with an aim to Zombie thousands of followers. They offer to Zombie yourself to create your own profile to appear in the soon to come, highly anticipated Zombie movie.

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Zombies are creatures which constantly appear in many horror pictures, books. They are actually walking dead or a human controlled using magic.

The origins of Zombie can be traced to West Africa’s spiritual culture of Voodoo by which people controlled their subordinates in menial jobs with a help of powerful magic. They were hugely popularised by number of Hollywood horror movies especially “Night of the living dead”.

Zombies have not only made their appearance in movies but in modern history they consistently appear in televisions, music videos, comics, gaming and playstaion, art and in consumable goods. This demand of Zombie or zombification has lead web sites Destination Creation to create a tool which offers Zombie Me, Zombie Yourself, zombify me. Zombie me is a very popular site which has a very good traffic and earns in revenue on advertisement and its web traffic.

There has been number of horror movies which have zombies featured in them. Seeing such films have left many viewers with a craving or desire to transform themselves into Zombie. Many sites offer tools with which one can transform their picture to a real authentic looking Zombie.

How does one get Zombified? It is simply transferring or downloading a zombify me tools from the internet onto your desktop. Upload your picture. The end result is get a Zombie Me which is not so unlike you original picture but with some horrifying cysts and scars and blood dripping down the face giving the picture a truly a morbid look.

Some might wonder if Zombie Me, Zombify yourself or zombify me will breach their privacy. If the Email address is revealed then for sure this information will be sold and you might get some mails. But they are absolutely harmless as what they see is your Zombified image and these sites are not bothered about physical attributes.

Many wonder if they use Zombie Yourself package to turn into a zombie their personal life would be affected? It is time to rest assure as Zombie yourself is definitely not going affect privacy of ones life unless the person allows. All that will result is Zombiefied face will be published.

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Zombie me is a very user friendly website which show case number of Zombified celebrities. It gives many useful tips on how to use material to create a horrifying Zombie look. The web sites take you through process of how to get Zombie yourself by uploading your picture.

The web site is very interactive. Before one uses the tool they have to register or become member by providing Email address and little personal information. Remember that Zombie me is absolutely free and these sites will not charge for transform your picture to Zombie me.

Zombie me is a very popular website which is one of the first to offer Zombie yourself tool kit. It is not some trash soft ware but is carefully constructed kit with well planned sequence to extract an absolute likeness of a Zombie from the human features and produce a digital image of Zombify Yourself. To construct this kit number of software engineers has toiled for number of hours.

What has resulted is a kit which produces a quality art work. Zombie Me, Zombie yourself, Zombify me are different features offered by the web site to create you into a world class zombie which you can comfortably circulate in the friends circle or can have it sold.

The Zombie Me website encourages a person to introduce others into this creative world of Zombie me, Zombify yourself and Zombify Me and enjoy the true creativity and inspire in you the creative quality. Zombie Yourself is absolutely a safe website which allows your creativeness to step out in front and make you look like a Zombie.

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